Fashion Freaks – The Valentine’s Diva Hunt

Sponsored by American Bizarre & SHUSH, this very sexy hunt has thus far proved to be the treasure trove of fashion diva’s across the grid. It’s Fashion Freaks 3, The Valentine Diva Hunt. The hunt started on February 1st and runs til February 28th. All the details, hints and store listng can be found on the Fashion Freaks Sl Blog

I’ve only managed 25 stops to date and WOW!! Yep, that’ll describe the goodies I’ve accumulated. These are definitely not the bestest photos in the world, done in a rush and doctored very little. Wanted to get them up to give you all a little looksee at what awaits the mighty, tireless hunters.

American Bizarre

VDH - American Bizarre



Sassy Kitty & Acide!
VDH - Sassy Kitty & Acide

Razorblade Jacket

VDH - Razorblade Jacket


VDH - DivaLicious


VDH - Virus


VDH - Sassy!

Cause my time does get short and I do tend to get a wee bit sidetracked from time to time, there isn’t all 25 stores gifties shown in the pictures. I’ll do my best to get more up soon. Gotta get back on the hunt trail now … enjoy the preview and Happy Huntin’ all you Freaks!!!

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membership has it’s priviledges, get the group ~ get the gifties

Just a few more fantastico finds from the past few days. Definitely worth hangin’ in your closet.

BaLac - Simple Hoodie

= Zenith = Group Giftie

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Tres Beau ~ Luck is in the Chair, REALLY!!

Stunning, elegant, sassy, commanding attention. Nooo, I’m not talking bout the avatar. The gorgeous beauty that I snagged from the Lucky Chair at Tres Beau is the object of affection!

Bel ‘Air

Tres Beau - "Bel Air"

As always Kimmera has outdone herself. Every release more stunning than the previous. Wander the store and you’ll see what I mean. Intricate detail in every piece makes hers unlike any other. Simply Gorgeous!

Tres Beau Designs & Weddings on the Lace Sim

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[IF] Stereo Love Hoodie – Newness to Warm Ya!

While winter ain’t leavin’ us yet .. yus it’s even cold in the sunny state of Florida, USA, comfort and warmth can still be found all over the grid. For those days when ya just wanna dress down and still wanna be stylin’, Insatiable Fashions released a new hoodie that is colorful, fun, and stirs the musical soul.  Features include zipper front, Stereo Love graphic front, slender fit, all layers, multiple colors, two styles of hood, even a tattoo layer – how ya like that?  Here, check it out for yourself!

{IF} [Hoodie] Stereo Love

This was released on 1/24/2011 .. better late than never? Of course, if you haven’t yet gotten the time to scoot over to Insatiable Fashions to see all the smexy Alianna has strewn neatly around the store, I’m just in time!! Here is one more reason to high-tail it over there. What are you waiting for? An invitation? Or maybe a map? The doors are always open and here is the directions to get you there …

[IF] Insatiable Fashions

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Self Seeking

Day 1

The path lead today to Euphoria, a plethora of fabulous shops for the ritz and glitz from some serious designers.  Seein’ as how I’ve got no sense of personal style at the moment, it was a goldmine to say the least.  There’s a hunt going on too!  So it was nothin’ short of a stroke of luck.  The ole inventory finally has somethin’ in it that ain’t standard attire from birth.  Haha, finally?  Like i been a virtual girl for years and trollin’ round dumpsters findin’ holey jeans that the rats done ate craters in.  Not the case of course but yeah .. standard dress ain’t for me.

Suppose there’s somethin’ to be said for not landin’ in Orientation Island yesterday buck naked, so reckon Lindens get credit there.  Not havin’ an assload of folks lookin’ like Ken and Barbie is respectable to say the least.  Oh, ‘fore I forget .. shortly after landin’ I took a tp from SL Search over to Exodi.  Ladies, indeed that’s a postitive step in finding yourself.  Picked up a complete avatar, just for being a babe in wonderland.  Under 30 days?  There’s 3, count ’em, three to choose from.   Without further ADO .. the transformation of Fawn begins …

Day 1 - Fawn's Finds

LoQ Hairs – Brownie – Platinum w/ Platinum Hairbase
Donna Flora – jackieo Glasses Cream
The Secret Store – Brownie open front Crop Jacket
fore – Glitter Pants

Euphoria Hunt Sim

Photo 2 –
CriCri: Hair – gSTo01 – all colors
Glance Skins – Frieda 11
BAISTICE – Hershey dress
Vita’s Boudoir – Black Hot Stockings

Euphoria Sim Hunt

Photo 3 –
Exodi – Isolde Soleil – 18 (Lucky Chair Win)
CHANTKARE – Melba Blush dress

Euphoria Sim Hunt

Photo 4
Magnifico Mainstore [m] – Kitty Craft bodysuit – Plaume / Black
GATO – Natalia Skin
Muism – Pirate Boots – beige

There you have it!  Euphoria hunt gifties, all in a mornings travels from skybox to sim.  While there’s a long way to go to finding the suiting style to my discriminating tastes, it is a start.  And a Dayum Fine one at that!!

snuggy hugz til next time!


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Unique Gifties

January has already managed to slip half way past. Where does the time go? There’s always tons that I wanna do and not near enough time to do it all. In the coming weeks I’m hoping to be rolling out a few new additions to the blog, a page devoted to raising the noob avi from shape to shoes on a budget of nada, furnishing an sl private escape and a hunter’s score page. All will be works in progress and am completely sure that they’ll all be slow going since I have other obligations. Grr .. like real life work. Anyhow … on to the goodies from the grid.

Unique Designs tops the list today, long overdue too.  Grabbed up a few group goodies from the home place of Ivannna  Voom, designer and shop owner.  A sparkling beauty, Roxy is features long, off the shoulder sleeves, lacy cuffs and the mini dress is a cling to the curves beaut!  A gorgeous group gift just in time for Valentines


Do you feel Pretty in Pink? Oh, but you should!  Ember is available with several wear options, straight prim skirt or flexi prim skirt, turtle neck or open front with heart chain, long sleeves in all layers too. If pink isn’t your shade, never fear there’s a variety of color options available for purchase at a price that’ll tickle you pink!!  The open frontstyle is featured here in this photo:

Take a gander at the Flickr page to see another giftie, Olive Warm up.  A cute and stylish capri  outfit perfect to start the 2011 Spring closet collection.  Much more goodies in the Unique Designs store, slap the link and take a tp over to see Ivannna  and the models showin’ off her vast array of designs.   Unique Designs … bringin’ out creative you.

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big NEWz!!

So i started out with a big whoppin’ two day streak of huntin’ for pressies, unwrappin’, playin’ dress up and snappin’ photo’s of the finds.  Then all of a sudden I got hit with a bout of the ‘feelin’ icky sick and couldn’t get the ‘want to’ back to do anything.  Shew, it passed was probably a case of the flu or just a nasty head cold.  Anyway …

I’m very happy cause I’m gonna be blogging the Mutual Attraction Hunt presented by Y-Ducks Models & Fashionista group in February!  *does a corny version of the happy dance*  Oh .. Oh…OH!!  Here’s why …. on top of that I’m gonna be giving sneak peaks of Insatiable Designs new releases, before they hit the store.  I’m pleased as punch that AliannaMarie Gossipgirl allowed muah to participate in the blogging of pre-release newness.  How awesome is that?

Sooo…. dum, dum, dum ….


Lila by [IF] Insatiable Fashions comes in all layers.  So if you wanna toss on a blazer for the business casual look, go for it!  Have a favorite chest tat that you can’t wear with certain layers?  Lila has no limits as to the additional layers you can pile on.  Plunging neckline is flirty and saucy, yet covers enough to let the imagination wander.  Various colors to choose from, shown below is Lila in Blue



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